Technical Summary
  • : M17001
  • : Hexylene Glycol & Caprylyl Glycol & Wasabia japonica Root Extract & Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Extract & Allium sativum (Garlic) Bulb Extract & Water
  • : Approved
  • : Fully Compliant
  • : 107-41-5 & 1117-86-8 & 999999-99-4 & 84696-15-1 & 8008-99-9 & 7732-18-5
  • : 203-489-0 & 214-254-7 & 310-127-6 & 283-634-2 & 232-371-1 & 231-791-2
  • : Botanical: Wasabia japonica & Zingiber officinale & Allium sativum
  • : GMO Free, No Ethoxylation, No Irradiation, No Sulphonation, No Ethylene Oxide treatment, No Hydrogenation
  • : None
  • : None
  • : None
  • : None
  • : Water & Caprylyl Glycol & Hexylene Glycol
  • : Clear to Hazy Liquid
  • : Fully Water Soluble
  • : 1.0 – 2.0%
  • : Skin Conditioning, Antimicrobial

Synercide Asian Fusion


Many consumers today seek natural ingredients to achieve product preservation. Current research has segued into incorporating botanical trends as effective alternatives to synthetic approaches in the cosmetic industry. Hybrid preservation techniques can satisfy the mainstream by combining traditional herbal tisanes with modern technology for optimized benefits. To this end, we have developed an evolutionary technique by combining antimicrobial properties with healing extracts from exotic herbs for an Asian inspired synergistic blend designed for the innovative formulator.


Active Micro Technologies (AMT) has developed a unique blend of Asian botanicals with conditioning glycols that easily fits the niche of natural-themed product lines. Synercide Asian Fusion uses a pioneering method of infusing Garlic, Ginger, and Wasabi extracts with hydrating glycols (caprylyl and hexylene) for effective microbial growth prevention. The system allows formulators to promote beneficial extracts known for optimizing health, along with retaining moisturization properties for skin barrier enhancement. The blending of antimicrobial agents with natural plant sources creates the perfect opportunity for innovative chemists to promote desirable product preservation methods.

Efficacy Data

Synercide Asian Fusion is useful in a variety of cosmetic and personal care applications as testing has revealed that it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. In Minimum Inhibitory Concentration testing, the results reveal effective performance. A Double Challenge study confirmed that Synercide Asian Fusion is effective against Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria, as well as yeast and mold.

M17002-Synercide Asian Fusion-MIC Test-v2-01Benefits

Therapeutic applications have long sourced various plant materials such as leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, and bark for their remedial benefits. Though lesser known for its medicinal purposes compared with spiritual practices, garlic, or Allium sativum, maintains antiseptic and stimulating properties. Modern research has shown that garlic retains potent antimicrobial activity against a range of microorganisms, which is indicative of its suitability for use in natural preservation systems.

Ginger, Zingiber officinale, is a part of the Zingiberacaea family and originates from Southeast Asia, although it is cultivated worldwide. This aromatic rhizome has characteristic relaxing properties rendering it a traditional remedy for peptic ailments. Research studies in vivo have shown that the rhizome is capable of stimulating prokinetic activities believed to reduce spasmolytic movements in the digestive tract for an induced calming effect for stomach disorders. Translated to the skin, ginger’s soothing properties enhance skin barrier conditions for optimal moisturization.

The Wasabia japonica plant species, wasabi, is native to the river valleys of Japan. The Japanese root variant has been shown to decrease the signs of aging. In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that this member of the Brassicaceae family has strong scavenging activities towards free radicals increasing antioxidant activity resulting in minimized skin damage.

Synercide Asian Fusion is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial system using a modern extraction approach to blend remedial phyto extracts with conditioning glycols. More than just an antimicrobial solvent, this infusion of natural herbs enhances the skin surface for unmatched conditioning. Enthusiasts looking for that special edge in cosmetic and personal care applications have an advantage with Synercide Asian Fusion.

Use Recommendations

Optimal conditions for formulating with Synercide Asian Fusion include maintaining the pH level between 3 and 8, and temperatures below 70° C. If formulating at higher temperatures, it is recommended to add the ingredient on cooling after an emulsion has formed. Synercide Asian Fusion allows formulators to develop contemporary products for the discerning consumer whose interest lies in enhanced epidermal hydration and replacement of conventional synthetic preservatives.

Challenge Tests