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Active Micro Technologies Company Overview

In recent years the Personal Care Industry has seen an increased demand for environmentally conscious and ethically sound products. Consumers’ desire for naturally derived and inspired products has only grown more pronounced as public awareness of traditional preservation increases.

With a noticeable shift in both formulator preference and consumer attitude, traditional preservatives (parabens, formaldehyde-donors, thiazolinones, etc.) have found themselves under scrutiny. Continued market-focus on “carry over” ingredients effecting health and sustainability, coupled with the booming naturals trend, have slowly ousted conventional preservatives from product ingredient decks. Active Micro Technologies predicted this trend and is the market leader in preservation alternatives.

Bacteria, fungi, and mold can easily cause cosmetic and personal care products to become contaminated. The personal care market manufactures products that can unintentionally serve as an ideal medium for microbial growth. It is imperative that formulators develop products that are resistant to microbial contamination for safety and regulatory compliance.

Active Micro Technologies, LLC (AMT) understands the inherent need to inhibit and control microbial activity in personal care products and poses the simple question.

What if preservation was a secondary benefit from a product’s primary activity?

Preservatives are defined as substances added to formulations with the primary purpose of inhibiting microbial development and growth in these products.

Focusing our efforts on natural product chemistry, Active Micro Technologies harnessed cosmetic functionality combined with antimicrobial activity, developing a product range of multi-functional ingredients. This product line showcases aqueous, oil soluble, anhydrous and powder treatment materials that can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional preservatives.

The natural, sustainable trend is here to stay. AMT continues to lead the way in this evolving market, improving and adding to its eco-friendly, nature-based product line.

It is our proactive approach in developing innovative and alternative solutions to synthetic preservatives that differentiates us from our competition. We also welcome the opportunity to custom-develop products for preservation and antimicrobial solutions. Active Micro Technologies is devoted to providing our customers with innovative materials that enable our customers’ success through market leadership.


The Modern Preservation Market

The personal care market has opened its eyes to the growing demand for proactive, innovative and alternative solutions to synthetic preservatives. Manufacturers add preservatives to formulations to control bacterial and fungal growth, extending the shelf life of these products. However, synthetic preservatives have fallen from favor with regulators and consumers, due to issues like sensitization, and other health related concerns.

Traditional preservatives are being forced from the market by a combination of regulatory changes and the consumer’s opinion fueled by negative, media-driven statement. Regulatory changes, effecting the use preservatives such as formaldehyde donors and Kathon®, have made a huge impact on the market. Formaldehyde donors, used for years as a effective means of preservation, are banned in Europe and Asia, while highly regulated elsewhere. REGULATION (EC) No 1223/ 2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL In France, the iso-esters of parabens, have been banned for use in cosmetics. Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Parabens Furthermore, the mixture of methylisothiazolinone, and blends of such, like methylisothiazolinone used in conjunction with methylchloroisothiazolinone, have faced regulatory repercussions due to the associated contact dermatitis. In fact, in 2013, the combination of methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone was named the Contact Allergen of the Year. More Information on Methylisothiazolinone

Due to an uptick in negative press surrounding parabens, formulators are feeling pressure from concerned consumers. However, the scientific community discredits reports claiming cancer is a direct result of paraben use. Yet, the fact remains that consumers are choosing paraben-free alternatives. Although not banned in the cosmetic market, formulators and consumers alike have begun shunning parabens as a direct result of the negative, media-driven press.

By developing materials exhibiting cosmetic benefits, Active Micro Technologies has in turn, created effective, natural antimicrobials so our customers can continue to lead the market with their impressive formulations and innovative applications!